Coaching for Personal Development, Healing & Spiritual Growth

Take shelter in another....

Returning to truth is the key ingredient for living in homeostasis.

While being aligned with truth we may return to living a life in love, a feeling of wholeness. 

Together we can explore the following:

                      Diet                                                      Responsibilities                                             Stress Maintenance

                   Exercise                                                        Self Care                                                            Childhood

                     Work                                                       Relationships                                              Spaces-Home & Work  

Since we are all bio-individuals I use a variety of exploration techniques and healing modalities to match the language of my client and bring out their greatest awareness and attunement.

Our relationship will be egalitarian, where both you and I are in this learning together. All topics will be open for discussion, including our relationship. I desire to be a place of shelter for you, creating an environment on safety and comfortability.

Where you can feel heard, seen, and known continuously.

9 Coaching Specialties

15 Minute Morning Boosts - $5

Have a quick phone or video chat with Amber to engage your morning with a focus mind relaxed body, and align spirit.

Choose from the following boosts:

1. Morning intentions setting

2. Uplifting encouragement for a current challenge

3. Posture check and exercises

4. Personal guided meditation

5. Daily food planning

6. Daily schedule planning

7. Your custom choice

15 minutes, $5 a boost

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Add on 45 minutes, $40

Availibility 5am-12pm EST

Chronic Pain Healing

Amber will pull from her 16 years of experience working with and healing her chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Modern life is full of daily stressors and environmental toxins, that over time create an overactive nervous system and toxins in the body. Healing requires gaining knowledge and making wise and loving lifestyle changes.

Pain is something we obey, and will come to find that it is our greatest teacher, guiding us towards deeper self love and self compassion. With this we start to treat others like this more and life becomes more meaningful and appreciated then ever before.

Amber likes to fill the mind with new knowledge and also likes working in an embodied way surpassing the mind. She utilizes knowledge of the chakra systems, asana stretches, meditation, mudra, mantra, the meridians, chi gong, physical therapy, exercise, diet, changing core beliefs and reprograming the mind to listen to the body's wisdom and adjust to it's needs.

Yogic Path

If you resonate with yogic practices, perhaps working systematically with the Yoga Sutras could work for you. The Sutras instruct us in how to purify the mind and become the observer, using the mind to work for us, instead of against us. The yamas (moral restraints) and niyamas (personal observances) are helpful guides to more pure spiritual living.

We can also use the Bhagavad Gita and the 3 modes of material energy as a lens to view serving and unserving thoughts and behaviors; rajas (passion), tamas (ignorance) and satva (goodness) in our pursuit to a pure mind.

We will devise corrective action so that you may find your personal healing path back to your authentic self.

If you like plenty of yummy warmth, Amber will know and give you tons and that too, :)

Becoming Real & Free

Most of us experience wounding, with little or big traumas in our early years. We develop self protective thinking and behaviors to survive our early environments (denial, addictions, overworking, holding the breath, tightening muscles etc).  Our subconscious mind finds any way to not feel. At some point these become immature, unserving, and sometimes even damaging. We have to update our programming in order to return to being real and feeling free.

Much healing comes from feeling the historic unfulfilled feelings and emotionally releasing them. This allows the body, emotions, and mind to feel unified. The intention is to get clear with ones true feelings about their childhood, their parents, families, and early relationship experiences. To see them for how they really are, not how we have wanted to see them for self preservation. Once an individual gets straight with their own history and self, their attitudes and philosophies naturally become aligned with their true self and they return to feel more real.

Remaining healing comes from cultivating self love and self empowerment. We empower our adult self to tend to the insecure inner child within. We respond to the subtle mood shifts with inner attention and nurturing of our unfulfilled feelings from childhood. This allows clients to connect and love themselves, as well as trust in love and be available to connect with others. 

Loving Soft & Hard 

Do you struggle with setting boundaries with those you love?

Is one of your loved one suffering from an addiction?

Do you feel responsible for your loved one's feelings?

Do you end up sacrificing yourself too much, to help others?

Do you suffer in silence?

Are you feeling a lack of support?

If you are experiencing any of these things, you could be what we call in psychology, experiencing codependency.

Learning how to love is a skill. Yes you love the close people in your life, and yes you can keep that soft love with greater skill. There is also a way that you can begin to address your own feelings and needs and assert them. You can begin to set loving, clear, and firm boundaries, which will actually help your loved ones in their own personal development. You can balance them and you more effectively while feeling satisfied at the end of the day. There is hope, there is a way.

Simplifying the Complex

Being human is complex. There is a lot of inner parts, outer part, societal systems, needs, people and the list goes on.

This type of guidance simplifies our humanness by building upon skills with practical exercises. We have a variety of inner-parts, or ego states, and we benefit from learning about them and integrating them into a cohesive self.

If you're looking to refined your skills in your communication, career, empathy, self compassion, self-control, or any other human areas, this way of working can sharpen your mind to be even more effective in your life endevors. These skills will leave you feeling more assertive and confident, as well as more integrated and whole.

Reconnecting Couples

Relationships are mirrors, showing us what needs attention within. They can be so beautiful, fun, healing, and sacred. Amber aims to help partners honor what the other one is seeing and how they can use that as fuel for ridding limitations, healing old wounds, traumas, and insecurites. Amber teaches the couple how to be thereputic for each other, instead of a source of triggering and pain.

Healing is mainly based on safety and trust. Therefore Amber will guide the couple with basic Tantric techniques to reconnect them in a deeper way. To revive feelings like they had for each other in the beginning of their relationship; full presence, butterflies, interest, and loving romantic feelings. She will even give tantric connecting homework ;)

For improving communication, Amber teaches nonviolent communication. This focuses on stating an objective, sharing one's feelings, needs, and making a request to their partner. For the speaker, it helps them to remain self focused, and take responsibility. For the listener, it helps them keep an open empathetic heart. This keeps safety, trust, and connection flowing.

Bring It to the Heart

This coaching is meant to have a high level of emotional support in dealing with the issues of grief. Grief is the feeling of loss and this can include a loved one, a home, a job, an identity, the use of our body, or even a thought or concept we believed to be true.

As humans, we gravitate towards desire, attachment, and connection. It's much harder to detach, accept,  live without, and reinvent.

Grief has five stages, and each of them can benefit from someone holding therapeutic space for the feelings and for the process. With acknowledgment, feeling, processing, and taking actions forward, we can integrate the loss into the fabric of our beings. We can end up with something meaningful that we have gained. Our heart will reveal the gold from these experiences, and we will understand why things unfolded as they did.

Personalized Ayervedic Diets

Amber has been cultivating healthy and loving nutritional practices for over 15 years. She has been experimenting with healing her own health issues throughout the years with diet and learning to listen to her bodies intelligence. Amber mainly uses ayerveda as a reference, creating a sattvic diet for her clients. A sattvic diet consists of foods that are easy to digest, nourishing, and promote clarity and purity of mind, such as grains, vegetables, dairy, fruit, and nuts.

Amber also uses the body ecology diet, being mindful of food combining. She consciously sources her food, and incorporates superfoods and herbs for rebalancing the system.

Amber will guide you in realigning with your own bodies intelligence, becoming aware of the subtle cues it makes. Through a basic ayervedic recipe for your dosha (mind-body makeup) we will begin to experiment with what foods strengthen you and what foods weaken you. We can also use kinesiology practices to help in these determinations. We can address the hangups, and take collective action to make your desired lifestyle shift. These includes creating sustainable recipes, teaching cooking techniques, designing food prep days, and meeting any other unique lifestyle needs. We can get inward on our journey of redefining our relationship with food, and explore inner blocks as desired.


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15 Minute Morning Boosts $5

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