Take shelter in another....

Returning to truth is the key ingredient for living in homeostasis.

While being aligned with truth we may return to living a life in love, a feeling of wholeness. 

Together we can explore the following:

-Diet    -Exercise    -Work    -Responsibilities    -Relationships    -Self care    -Stress Maintenance    -Spaces-Home & Work    -Childhood

Since we are all bio-individuals I use a variety of exploration techniques and healing modalities to match the language of my client and bring out their greatest awareness and attunement.

Our relationship will be egalitarian, where both you and I are in this learning together. All topics will be open for discussion, including our relationship. I desire to be a place of shelter for you, creating an environment on safety and comfortability.

Where you can feel heard, seen, and known continuously.

5 Counseling Offerings

Yogic Path

Yoga is relationship. Connection with each other. Yoga is a means to connect deeper and to learn how to have relationship, as everything is relationship.

In our sessions we will aim to get clear. Remember what you already know and explore your dialogue with life. We will expand your awareness to see beyond the surface of ‘the problem’ to the heart of the matter. Often times individuals get stuck in the material modes of illusion. Inquiry and guidance will allow you to return into conscious interactions with all of your relationships, realigning you with your soul.

We will use the 3 modes of material energy as a lens to view serving and unserving thoughts and behaviors; rajas (passion), tamas (ignorance) and satva (goodness). We will also use the yamas (moral restraints) and niyamas (personal observances) as guides to more pure spiritual living. We will devise corrective action so that you may find your personal healing path back to your authentic self.

Primal Healing

I have found Primal Therapy to be directly effective for individuals who are ready to do deep work. Primal Therapy sees neurosis as a result of non-feeling in developmental childhood years. Children then create substitutes (denial, addictions, overworking, holding their breath, tightening their muscles etc.) in order to fulfill and survive unmet childhood needs. As the individual adopts to these rationalizations and somatic techniques, they become more and more unreal.

Healing according to Primal Therapy comes from feeling the historic unfulfilled feelings. Allowing the body, emotions, and mind to feel as a psychophysical unit. The intention is to get clear with ones true feelings about their childhood, their parents, families, and early relationship experiences. To see them for how they really are, not how we have wanted to see them for self preservation. Once an individual gets straight with their own history and self, their attitudes and philosophies naturally become aligned with their true self.

An additional step I add is cultivating self love and self empowerment in clients along with the return to feeling. Cultivating the part of us who is our adult self to tend to the insecure inner child within. Responding to the subtle mood shifts with inner attention and nurturing of our unfulfilled feelings from childhood. This allows clients to connect and love themselves, as well as trust in love and be available to connect with others. 

Sustainable Diet

Amber has been cultivating healthy and loving nutritional practices for over 15 years. She has been experimenting with healing her own health issues throughout the years with diet and learning to listen to her bodies intelligence. Amber mainly uses ayerveda as a reference, creating a sattvic diet for her clients. A sattvic diet consists of foods that are easy to digest, nourishing, and promote clarity and purity of mind, such as grains, vegetables, dairy, fruit, and nuts.

Amber also uses the body ecology diet, being mindful of food combining. She consciously sources her food, and incorporates superfoods and herbs for rebalancing the system.

Amber will guide you in realigning with your own bodies intelligence, becoming aware of the subtle cues it makes. Through a basic ayervedic recipe for your dosha (mind-body makeup) we will begin to experiment with what foods strengthen you and what foods weaken you. We can also use kinesiology practices to help in these determinations. We can address the hangups, and take collective action to make your desired lifestyle shift. These includes creating sustainable recipes, teaching cooking techniques, designing food prep days, and meeting any other unique lifestyle needs. We can get inward on our journey of redefining our relationship with food, and explore inner blocks as desired.

Pure Spaces

Amber combines strong organizational skills with aspects of Chinese fung shui, and Indian vedic vashtu to purify your home or work space into a place of peace, efficiency, and functionality. Inviting more tranquility, beauty and organization into your living and being space.

The way we keep our home and work space is often reflective of our samskaras, our deeply rooted patterns and habits that have formed early on. If the way we learned and adopted to care for our spaces is not pure, these samskaras can be grooves and even trenches to get out of. This requires Svadyaha, intense self study and practice to understand our samskaras, and begin creating more aligned shifts. Saucha, purity aims to purify all aspects of ourselves. It is best to simultaneously explore inwardly and make desires changes externally. As you become conscious of your samskaras and choose right action you will create your desired ways of living.

Amber begins by first exploring your desired way of living, needs of the spaces, and current feelings. She will use a variety of self-study modalities such as journaling, connecting with your feelings and needs, and artmaking. She will then start to shift with you into actively transforming your space. She can guide you in your inward exploration process, while  simultaneously transformating your external spaces with you.

Relationship Involvment

Have you tried couples counseling or family counseling and didn't get the shelter you and your loved ones were looking for?

Did everything feel too complex to explain and you felt like you wished  the counselor could see how the dynamics were at home?

Do you feel the process of the 50 minute hour weekly sessions are not enough time and the process is being to slow?

Amber knows the feeling. Therefore as a client and provider of counseling she is willing to engage in her clients lives for both half and full day sessions. This would be in addition to weekly 1 hour sessions. Rather than taking months to begin to understand the dynamics of the relationship, Amber can take a half or full day to see with her own eyes and skills what may be going on that is preventing the relationship from repairing and growing.

Seeing for herself will also diminish the frustrating feelings of our partners or families biased perspectives that are presented in sessions.

If one is truly seeking truth and love in their  relationship this is a fast tract way of the counselor seeing the dynamics. Sooner you and your family can stop the hurt, and respectfully and lovingly learn to live together and support one another again.


1 Full Hour of Counseling  $40

1/2 Day Observation (4-5 Hrs)  $140

Full Day Observation (8-9 Hrs)  $260

Please contact me if these are an issue for you.