Over the years I have cultivated my own unique style of teaching. Students are thoughtfully guided through the process of gently releasing physical tension and emotional holding that’s been trapped in their bodies sometimes for decades. I emphasize self-nurturing, ease, and grace along with flexibility, balance, and strength. I sometimes add in some HIIT training to allow our cardiovascular system to get going.

Current Yoga Class Schedule

Spring & Summer 2021

All Levels on Zoom

Sundays 9:30am EST

Meeting ID: 741 6179 9231

All Levels, Alignment, Restorative, Vinyasa  

Guided meditations, pranayamas, mudra, mantra, yoga philosophy 

$15 paid via paypal

Spiritually Align & Thrive!

Online Private Community - Inquire About Date

A community space to challenge our blocks, align spiritually, & take our next big steps with support

$10 a month

Amber’s classes vary in style and approach to meet the needs of her all-levels body and mind classes. These varied approaches encourage whole being balance, flexibility of mind, and growth of spirit.

Some days Amber may bring intelligent alignment sequencing, while other days she moves through chakra sequencing, sharing the science and philosophy of yoga. Amber works with her students to move beyond just the physical practice into other aspects of yoga: breathing, harnessing the senses, expanding our perception, detaching from the busy mind, and connect to our highest self within.

On the mat Amber guides her students into a balanced energy of presence. She reminds them to access the tools they already have to carry their practice off the mat in their everyday lives.

4 Yoga Class Specialties

In your studio, business, school, privately, or on Zoom.

Earthing Yoga-Seasonal

No mats. Barefoot. Begins with personal intention & uniting with the earth. Series of supine & seated grounding postures. Restorative with focus on deep breathing. I will give lots of spotting & be the bug police (if you want) so you can focus on your  practice. We will end with yoga nidra to calm the nervous system & integrate the healing benefits of Earthing Yoga.

Clientele: Anyone who feels overwhelmed or anxious and needs grounding. Physical illnesses: arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle-joint pain, high BP, ADHD, hypertension

Somatic Yoga

Old unmet physical, mental, & emotional needs from childhood, as well as little and big traumas get stored in our bodies. Here we place the body in thereputic yoga poses to release this old stuckness. We create a safe & nurturing enviroment, using  affirmative mantras.

Clientele: Anyone who is suffering, has deep pain, or is disconnected from their feelings. Feels isolated, depressed, anxious, resentful. Has compulsive behaviors & reactions, or withdrawls.

Knows they were mistreated in their childhood/ adulthood, and/or went through trauma.

Desires to let the light in.

Loving Yourself Yoga

Nurturing yourself, your emotions, mind, body, & spirit. Pulling from yoga philosophy to encourage students to practice svadhyaya, self study. Learning how to check in with our highest self & transfer the negative thoughts to serving thoughts. Examine the lies we have been carrying & replace them with divine truths. Thereby allowing us to create new pathways & rewrite our conditioned stories into being present in every moment.

Clientele: Anyone who feels low self esteem, loss of their power or voice, struggles with boundaries & people pleasing.

Balancing HIIT  Yoga

Combines high intensity interval training with restorative & flowing yoga sequencing. The class warms up the deep core, engages in 5-10 one minute muscle activating movements that increase heart rate, & includes other strengthening, balancing, & flexibility poses to feel a complete workout.

Clientele: Those who love yoga & want to get cardio work through it as well. The entire package of cardio, strengthening, flexibility, & balance in one class. Bodies that want to shred some excess body fat having lean & subtle muscles. Bodies that do not care for weights, & prefer calisthenics exercises.

Yoga Workshops

In your studio, business, school, semi-privately, or on Zoom.

Ayerveda, Dosha Testing

• Intro to Ayerveda

• Find your dosha through a test.

•Learn mindfulness practices about your dosha

• Zoom or in person

Integrated Middle Way

• Uses combination of Eastern and Western Psychology

• Uses healthy masculinity and femininity

• For living spirtiually & impactfully

• Zoom or in person

Connection Circle

•Learn the importance of connection & community

•Asana practice done together in the unifying energy of a circle

• Engage in human touch

• In person only


1hr 15 min Private Yoga Session $60

(within 15 mile radius of New Paltz, price will increase if over 15 miles or desiring longer time.)

1 hr 15 min Yoga Class Offering $60

(within 20 mile radius of New Paltz, price will increase if over 15 miles or desiring longer time.)

Available to Teach Workshops. Prices Vary.

Please contact me if these are an issue for you.

            "Yoga shines light on the darkness within. 

It is a courageous practice in remembering how to love."