Workshops: Yogic and Therapeutic 

Humans are made for connection.

We learn best in the community of others.

Amber's Workshop Appoach:

Amber aims to cultivate a satsang, or spiritual community, in her workshops. Where boundaries soften in our selves and with each other. Amber does this by being real, vulnerable and egalitarian in her approach. She is learning in the workshop with you all and encourages questions and discussions. Emotional expression, as well as sharing life challenges are all welcomed! The aim is to leave with more knowledge on the particular topic, with greater self-awareness, and inspiration to take into your life.

Yogic Workshops

Ayerveda, Dosha Testing

Connection Circle

Ayurveda, Dosha Test

An introduction to the sister science of Yoga, called Ayurveda. It is an ancient Indian medicinal practice that is known to be the "science of life."

In this workshop participants will take a dosha test to figure out their prakrita, mind-body nature. Then we will go over mindfulness practices that are best for their particular prakriti.

These include:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle tips
  • Routine
  • Countering imbalances

The workshop will have a satsang, community gathering quality, where questions and discussions are encouraged all throughout the workshop.

Can be conducted on zoom or in person.

Integrated Middle Way

This workshop is based off of the Buddha's wisdom of living the middle path. It is aimed to help individuals to live both spiritually and impactfully in this modern world.

A combination of Eastern and Western psychology will be used, as well as understanding both positive masculinity and femininity, and how to balance both within ourselves.

These topics of discussion will be taught and encouraged:

  • Existentialism
  • Spiritual practice
  • Duality
  • Three modes of energy
  • Wellness of self
  • Service identity

The workshop will have a satsang, community gathering quality, where participants are encouraged to discuss what they struggle with most about human existance and trying to live spiritually in this modern world of duality. 

Can be conducted on zoom or in person.

Connection Circle

This workshop is done in community and is either a good ice breaker to unite a group, or for getting a group closer.

Participants will learn about how the word yoga, means connection, and the profound importance of connection. This includes with the self, the Divine intelligence (or its many names), and the connection we have with each other.

The workshop consists of doing a series of asanas in the unifying energy of a circle. Participants will engage in human touch and often use their neighbors for balance and support to effectively hold the asanas.

Conducted only in person.

Thereuputic Workshops

In person or on Zoom

Healing Limiting Core Beliefs

Amber has devised a process to quickly and easily identify the three main limiting core beliefs that nearly all humas suffer for.

These include:

  • Feeling abandoned
  • Not worthy or good enough
  • Feeling unlovable.

In this workshop participants will learn:

• Core beliefs live as the root of many addictive, impulsive, disengaging, self sabotaging and unserving behaviors

• How to trace back our behaviors to our thoughts, feelings, core belief(s) and nurture that early wound

• How to weave this awareness and healing process into our daily lives 

• To become more empowered

• How to create and use loving affirmations

• How to become our own best friend and main provider of love

Loving Soft & Hard 

Do you struggle with setting boundaries with those you love?

Is one of your loved one suffering from an addiction?

Do you feel responsible for your loved one's feelings?

Do you end up sacrificing yourself too much, to help others?

Do you suffer in silence?

Are you feeling a lack of support?

If you are experiencing any of these things, you could be what we call in psychology, experiencing codependency.

Learning how to love is a process. In this workshop participants will learn:

• How to love onself first, before others

• When to love with softness, understanding, acceptance, and empathy

• When to love with limits, clear and firm boundaries, and toughness

• How to address your own feelings and needs, and assert them

• How to manage your energy better

• The effects of addictions, impulses, self sabatoging behaviors

• The dynamics of problem-enabling relationship patterns

Simplifying the Complex

Being human is complex. There is a lot of inner parts, outer part, societal systems, needs, people and the list goes on.

This workshop aims to simplifies our humanness by building upon skills with practical exercises. Learn about:

• Our inner-parts, or ego states, and how to integrate them into a cohesive self

• Compassionate and clear communication

• How self love is one of the most essential goals of life

• How to sharpen your mind/intelligence

• How to feel more assertive and confident, as well as more integrated and whole

• To be skeptical about what you hear, and seek the truth

• The 4 aims of life – love, wealth, purpose, spirituality

Love As a Skill

For many of us, love is the most important need and expression in our lives. Yet so little of us experience the type of love we year for. Therefore we grow up with deficits in loving ourselves and loving others. We mean well, but often feel misunderstood by our loved ones.

In this workshop we learn about:

• The most important aspects of love which are safety, trust, and acceptance.

• Non-verbal loving and connecting exercises

learning to give our full presence to ourselves and others

• Cultivating our highest love vibration

• How to maintain an open heart through life's waves

• How to diffuse defenses

• Nonviolent communication techniques

• Giving and asking for empathyI


Workshops can be tailored to be 1 hour, 1.5 hours

     or 2 hours.

Pricing varies, but approximately $90 per hour

Can be worked to accomodate budgets

     Add 45 minutes $40